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Querybot Reseller Program

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The Querybot Reseller Program is geared toward web hosting providers, web designers, consultants or others who have a base of existing customers.

Our program makes it easy to generate significant recurring revenue from your customer base.

We offer a complete turn-key reseller solution that will have you running almost instantly!

Here is how our program works:

  • You make our award-winning Knowledgebase/interactive FAQ technology available to your customers as an add-on to your current services.  You control the way in which you market the service to your customers.

  • You bill your customers directly on a recurring monthly basis. You control your pricing. 

  • You can offer all your customers a free trial of up to 30 days. Free trials are at no charge to you. 

  • You purchase accounts from us in blocks of 5, 20, 50 or 100 at   reseller pricing levels. You can start with a few accounts and then purchase more (at higher discounts) as needed.

If you are interested in our reseller program, please contact us at resellers@querybot.com.


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