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Querybot Knowledgebase /  Interactive FAQ Software

Querybot is an intelligent knowledge base / interactive FAQ system which can instantly and accurately answer repetitive customer questions on a 24/7 basis.

Querybot is so easy to setup and maintain that you can have a basic customer service knowlegebase running on your website in less than an hour. Since we host the system for you, there is nothing to install on your website. You simply need to set up your account and then copy our HTML code to one or more pages on your website.

Querybot is designed to learn and grow as your customers use the knowledge base system. In cases where a question cannot be answered, Querybot will make it easy for the customer to contact you by email and will also record the question so you can use the information to improve the system.

Leading-edge Knowledge Base software that is affordable for smaller businesses and organizations

Querybot works in a similar fashion to the high-end knowledge base / customer service software that large companies often pay hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) to implement and maintain. With Querybot, similar knowledgebase technology is available to smaller businesses for just $39.95 per month. There are no setup fees or other costs of any kind.

Fast answers when response time is critical

If you're running an e-commerce site, you already know that it's critical to convert visitors into customers while you have their attention. If a potential customer leaves your site with unanswered questions or concerns, there's a good chance he or she will never return to place an order--even if you respond to an email inquiry within hours.

In areas like customer service and technical support, Querybot's web knowledgebase system can increase customer satisfaction, while freeing you or your staff from responding to the same questions again and again.

Studies show that 80% of customer questions are tied to the same 20% of possible answers. By automating the response to repetitive questions, Querybot frees your customer service resources to handle more complex questions.

Better than an Email Autoresponder

Here are three important reasons that Querybot is better than any autoresponder solution:

  • Querybot''s intelligent technology gives precise answers to specific questions (as opposed to a long automated email which may or may not answer the customer's question).

  • Querybot answers questions instantly, while customers are still at your website and in a position to place an order.

  • Spam is out of control. Will your customer even see your email reply? Will it be blocked by a spam filter or lost in a sea of other email offers?

An interactive alternative to traditional FAQ's

Querybot offers a number of key advantages over a static FAQ alone:

  • Querybot's natural language interface makes it easy for users to find answers, even if the FAQ contains a large number of entries. As a result, you can publish more comprehensive information without overwhelming users.

  • Because the Querybot knowledge base software responds to specific questions, it lets you include answers to questions you might prefer not to publish in a browsable FAQ. For example, you might want to provide help for known problems in a software product, without publishing a complete list of bugs.

  • The Querybot knowledgebase has built-in tracking. We provide statistics showing the number of questions answered. Querybot also captures questions which the system cannot answer, and those with which the end user is not satisfied. This gives you the information you need to continuously improve your knowledge base.

  • Many visitors won't take the time to look through a long FAQ--but will enter a specific question.

Faster, easier and more anonymous than email

While Querybot can't handle every potential inquiry, it can provide a faster and easier alternative for customers to get answers to frequent questions.

Another important issue is email address privacy. Because of the growing SPAM problem, some potential customers may be reluctant to send email questions to businesses with which they are not familiar. Querybot allows visitors to your site to ask specific questions without revealing their email address.

How the Querybot Knowledgebase Software Works

The Querybot technology is designed to make it easy to add a natural language query interface to any website.

In a nutshell, there are just a few basic steps involved. In most cases you can have a basic Querybot system working on your site in less than an hour!

  1. Sign up for the Querybot service. We offer a FREE 30 day trial: we invite you to put Querybot into action on your website a see the results.

  2. Create a Querybot "query system". This is fast and easy to do in the Querybot Account Management screen.

  3. Copy the Querybot HTML code to your website. You can put the Querybot code in as many locations on your site as you want. Typically, you will want to put it in  areas such as "FAQ," "Help," "Feedback," "Contact Us," etc.

  4. As visitors to your site use Querybot, you will be provided with a list of all questions asked by your users, as well as statistics which you can use to improve the system.

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Querybot Knowledgebase Software

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How to purchase the service

First sign up for a free trial account . You can then purchase the service from within the control panel, after signing into your account.

  Powerful Question Knowledgebase

  • Instantly answers repetitive customer questions.
  • Natural language interface lets customers ask questions in their own words, but the system also supports simple keyword searches. Querybot works the way your customers prefer to work.
  • Unlimited question/answer combinations (articles).

  Statistics and Tracking

  • Captures every question so you can easily adapt the system to the questions your customers are asking. The more your customers use Querybot, the better the system gets.
  • Keeps up-to-the-second statistics on the number of questions asked and the resolution.

  Formatting, Links and Customization

  • Answers can include basic HTML formatting as well as links to additional information on your website or elsewhere on the internet.
  • Answers can include an email form so that customers can contact you for more details. (for cases where you prefer not to publish certain details directly in the system--for example, volume pricing discounts).
  • Background and text colors can be customized to match your website, and text messages can be modified or localized into another language.
  • Display answers in a pop-up window or the main browser window.

  Email Integration

  • If the system cannot answer a question, it will automatically display an email form so the customer can contact you.
  • Supports multiple customer contact email addresses. The customer will be able to select a department to contact.
  • Actual email addresses are not displayed to the customer.

  Easy Administration and Maintenance

  • View statistics and customer questions, and maintain your knowledgebase all from one easy-to-use command center.
  • Completely web-based, so you can access your system from anywhere.

  You Own and Control your Data

  • Your data is hosted by our system but remains your property and will remain completely private.
  • You can easily export all your data into a plain text format.

  Fast and Simple Setup

  • Nothing to install on your webserver. Works with any website.
  • Simply set up a basic knowledgebase using the Account Management Center, and then copy the Querybot HTML code to one or more pages on your website.
  • You can have a basic system running on your site within minutes! Once you have Querybot running, it will collect the data you need to improve the system.


  • Free 30 day Trial.
  • Just $39.95 per month thereafter.
  • No setup fees or other costs of any kind.
  • No contract required; you can cancel the service at anytime.
  • All upgrades are completely free.
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