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This example shows how the Querybot system might be used in the online help center at a fictitious online bookstore, "Unreal Books".

To try the system, enter a question which might be asked by customers of an online bookstore. If you can't think of a question to ask, here are some suggestions:

What about returns?   ...    How do returns work?     ...    Can I get a refund?
What shipping methods do you offer?      ...     Can you ship it overnight?
Do you ship to international locations?    ...    Can you ship to Canada?   ...    I am in the UK
What if my order doesn't arrive?    ...   I am waiting for my package     
Do I have to pay sales tax?   ...   tax

Notice that Querybot is very flexible and can produce a good result regardless of how the question is phrased. The customer can use a complete question, a non-question statement, or even a single keyword to get information.

The "Common Questions" links show how you can use Querybot to provide direct links to specific questions. This technique lets your customers see answers without typing a question.

Have a question? Our automated system can give you an immediate response!   If the system cannot answer your question, you will be able to contact us by email.

Type your question below, and then click the Ask button:

Common Questions

What is your Return Policy?

Do you Charge Sales Tax?

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

How a Querybot System Improves Over Time

One of the major advantages of Querybot over a static list of frequently asked questions is its ability to track questions and provide statistics. That information can be used to improve the system.

If you manage to enter a question which Querybot can't handle, it will display a message with an email form where you can contact a real person. It will also log the original question, so that the administrator at "Unreal Books" can use this information to improve the system.

Querybot also gives you an opportunity to indicate that an answer is unsatisfactory. If this happens, the question will be saved and marked so that the administrator can improve the system, and you will be given an opportunity to contact someone by email.

Notice that the "Common Question" links give a direct answer to the question. This works much like a static FAQ; however, you can still take advantage of the tracking features built into the system. 

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